Vilnius - the capital of Lithuania

Vilnius – the greenest capital in Europe – is situated among naturally formed hills and two rivers, and is said to be ‘a city within a forest’. Vilnius is also home to one of Europe’s largest surviving old towns, which borrows the architectural styles of old Southern and Western Europe, and has been one of Lithuania’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1994. Vilnius is beautiful all year round; each season offers a different perspective of the city’s magnetic charm. I love to walk in the Old town in the early morning when no one’s around so I can hear only my own steps and play with the shadows of passersby, birds, the beauty of the churches and the cozy little streets. I also love exploring the city after it rains to hunt for reflections in puddles and searching for different angles. The soft light of summer evenings is probably the best time to take the most beautiful images of Vilnius. If you see black clouds coming while the sun is still shining, get ready to take a stunning shot!

Friday, 12 February 2021